Re: Leece -Neville Alternator external regulator install

Dan Carlson

Kevin, I used the same shunt as the Victron BMV712.  The shunt creates a voltage potential difference across it as current changes. Multiple devices can read this potential difference without significant change in the resulting measurement.  You need about 40-50 feet of  four strand, 16 gauge wire to get from the back of the engine room up behind the helm station and instruments and they the conduit into the passagway and then back down to the battery box for the wires that provide the WS with voltage and current.  The voltage needs to come directly from the batteries not from the alternator. I am getting both the current and then battery voltage at the shunt.   The WS 500 comes with good supporting documentation.  It's worth making sure you read through it all.

Oliver, I had read your too about using the old regulator as a cap, and it was my plan. However, I was not quite right in planning how I brought the wires out of the cap covering the brushes and they interfere with the putting themold regulator back on.  I did preserve the ability to rewire the old regulator back on if necessary.

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On Thu, Apr 23, 2020, 5:25 PM Kevin Fox via <> wrote:
Dan - Thanks very much for your detailed response and photo.  I appreciate your help.  I hadn't considered the Sterling alternator protector as we don't (yet) have LiFePO4 batteries, but installing one now wouldn't hurt.  I worry about one of us trying to stop the Yanmar with the ignition key switch and damaging the alternator.

Do you use a current shunt with the WS500 or is it only monitoring voltage?  We have a Victron BMV-700.  I don't know whether the shunt for the battery monitor could be shared with the regulator (haven't looked into it).

Oliver - Thank you for your suggestion regarding using the old regulator as a protective cover.  I will heed your advice.

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