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Germain Jean-Pierre

Hello Dan and Mark,

When we refitted Eleuthera, SM007, we went for Ocean Chef 3.(OC3)  This is the cooker installed on Oysters.

- Fits well into the space vacated by the old unit, 
- 3 burner cook top instead of 2 in dearly departed old unit
- Good gimbal.
- Top grate locks in our Induction cookplate (Unold… inexpensive and a great unit) we rarely use the Ocean Chef propane cook top.

- OC3 markings/decals disappear very quickly if cleaned.
- Igniter unit failed quickly even with limited use.  We now use one of the long igniters to light the oven.
- We added a brushed SS deflector plate to dissipate the heat under the Microwave shelf.

Piccies available if needed. After 4 years, we are very satisfied.

The Induction add-on is awesome.  Would not be without it. UNOLD … Germany made

Good luck, 

Jean-Pierre Germain

On 25 Apr 2020, at 06:04, Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> wrote:

Just my 2¢, I think Force10 quality has gone downhill over the years. 
There was a thread on this forum a little while ago about a company in the UK who makes really top notch stoves. Sorry, I do not recall the brand but they are impressive. Also, have you considered Dickison:
Both companies ship globally. 
With best regards,
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It seems that upon close inspection, our 1991 Electrolux stove has finally given up.  I hear Force 10 has nice options.  Has anyone purchased one, and would you mind sharing the model?  

I do plan to swap over to a convection setup someday, but it will be a while until I switch over to Lithium and Solar.  We are only cruising in the Pacific Northwest for the next 10 years, so getting propane and having the extra heat in the cabin is not a problem.

Thanks, Dan Wilcox
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