Re: Galley Stove Replacement #stove #galley

Arno Luijten

GN Espace are very nice. However the price is eye-watering. About twice the price of Force 10. Also they use this (again expensive) system for putting things is in the oven that I did not really like.

I agree that Force 10 did not benefit from the ENO takeover. However they still have some distinct advantages over the standard ENO stuff. But the quality of finishing did suffer quite a bit. I replaced the Eno on our 54 with a 4 burner Froce 10. Although not nearly at the point of what you can get in domestic stuff for that price, it's working OK.
I still like the balanced oven door. It's their mayor selling point. When installing be careful as there can be some sharp edges on the back.
The 4 burner required some work on the cavity of the 54 as the total width of the stove is less then the Amel version of the ENO. However the effective cooking surface is virtually the same. Also the locking mechanism for the gimbal has been taken from the ENO line again not improving on quality.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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