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Dan Wilcox

Thank you all for the recommendations.  As usual, this group is a wealth of knowledge that I greatly appreciate.  Luckily all the models recommended are local here.  Force 10 is about $1,500 at one end, and the OceanChef about $4,000 at the other.  So now comes the hard decision of how much to invest.

Thanks, Dan
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On Saturday, April 25, 2020, 04:14:10 AM PDT, Peter Jaeger via <mallamok@...> wrote:

Hi Dan
Last year I repalced my 1989 Electrolux stove by a Force 10, 2 burner American Standard. I am very happy with this model. Very easy to install, same sice. 
Peter Jäger
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Am 24.04.2020 um 16:09 schrieb Dan Wilcox via <dwilcox123@...>:

It seems that upon close inspection, our 1991 Electrolux stove has finally given up.  I hear Force 10 has nice options.  Has anyone purchased one, and would you mind sharing the model?  

I do plan to swap over to a convection setup someday, but it will be a while until I switch over to Lithium and Solar.  We are only cruising in the Pacific Northwest for the next 10 years, so getting propane and having the extra heat in the cabin is not a problem.

Thanks, Dan Wilcox
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