Brand new Goiot taveler car (double w/ 8 wheels) and end stops - for sale in US


I was going to use these until I figured out a cool way to retrofit a Harken system I have already. Rig Rite sells the double car by itself for around $1100 USD. Description of double car below. I also have end stops with single block on top. I will sell the double car and the end stops for $675 with free ground shipping anywhere in the US.

Standard 8-wheel Traveller Car: Goi 163-22:
Heavy-duty 8-Wheel Traveller Car for Goiot 163 Traveller Track consists of (2) Car bodies (as Goiot 163-21, above) joined together with special pivoting shackle attachment. Large T-shaped pivoting shackle attachment has a 10mm (3/8") hole for mainsheet block pin, and 6mm (1/4") holes for control blocks on each side. Car is 8 1/8" (205mm) long with a maximum width of 2 3/4" (70mm). Note: Wheels and axles on these cars are permanently affixed and are not replaceable.

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