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Patrick McAneny

Bill, The zoom meeting went well , I only knew a few of the owners personally , and recognized a few others names. I think it would be good to ask participants to include the name of their boat under their name. After all that is how most of us know each other ,by the name of their boat. When Diane and I talk about an owner ,we refer to them by the name of their boat.
SM Shenanigans

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In my opening remarks, I stated the purpose of our meeting should be 3-fold:
Exchange of knowledge
Shakedown (Sea Trial) ZOOM for the future
I believe we accomplished 2 of the 3 goals, Social & Shakedown. Regarding my third goal, "Exchange of knowledge," there was not much new to me and longtime members of our Group because most of what was discussed in the two topics had already been discussed on the Group. However, for those new to Amel, the discussion on parts sourcing and standing rigging was possibly valuable. 

Over the coming weeks and as we get more input from members of our Group, we will be able to determine if we want to do this again and what changes we want to make to the structure of the meeting.  

A warm thank you to all that participated and to our ZOOM administrator Tilo Peters.


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