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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Giovanni, Dieter and other’s who may interested,

I had to declare my boat as my domicile „CONFERMA DOMICILIO“ which was confirmed by the Marina where WASABI is moored. 
With these and some documents like the self declaration AUTODICHIARAZIONE“ from the Italian Government we where able to travel without an issue. 

The biggest problem was to get a reasonable air-ticket, which was finally the case with Alitalia. 

Hope these helps and best regards
WASABI A54. #55
Marina di Ragusa 

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Hi Ruedi,
sorry, how was possible for you to travel through Italy or Sicily ?
 It is no possible for now to go across different Regions and to fly for turism, only for proven need, very limited
Where is Wasabi ? We are at home Venezia and we cant go out from our city, Venezia. Neither, obviously, to fly to Greek  to return on board as our Eutikia is at Preveza Marina on the hard.
Thanks for infos
Giovanni Testa
sv Eutikia SM2K
Preveza Marina
We at home Venezia.

Il 26/04/2020 17:41, Rudolf Waldispuehl ha scritto:
Bill and Tilo

Thanks a lot for the Zoom get together. 
Sorry not being able to attend because I was still traveling to SY WASABI in Sicily. With all the restrictions it took me 18 hours until I reached successfully our beloved AMEL. 
Best regards and stay save, hope for another Meeting if it was successfully. I will watch the youtube,… thanks agin.

WASABI A54. #55
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Betreff: [AmelYachtOwners] Thanks for the ZOOM!

Thanks for the Zoom get together. Great to see the AMEL Owner's gang!

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