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Germain Jean-Pierre

The Ocean Chef 3 fits superbly in an early SM and offers 3 burners instead of 2.

The old saw applies…. You get what you pay for! Buy one on the last day of a boat show; bet you’ll get a discount.

Good luck,

Jean-Pierre Germain, SY Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 27 Apr 2020, at 02:02, ngtnewington Newington via <> wrote:

On my last boat, before my Amel I bought a GN Espace…Fantastic cooker but as you say££££££. Worth it though.

S/Y Amelia AML 54-019 Ashore Kilada Greece

On 26 Apr 2020, at 09:13, Linda Melton <> wrote:

I reported this in the last post on this topic. Early on in our acquisition of our Amel we replaced the beautiful 19 year old ENO stove with a new ENO. We looked at the GN Espace which we were very attracted to bar the price. It is our biggest regret not spending the money on the GN!
We only live on the boat 6 months a year, but in 7 years have had to replace a number of items which have rusted or melted!
No disgrace to the stove, but ENO and others have a bigger market in the mass market of boat owners still at work who unfortunately can only use their boats at weekends and short holidays - probably dining ashore as it’s a holiday.
Our cooker is on the same level of need as our electricity charging system which is in constant use every day. Next time, lesson learnt, I will replace with a GN.
PS. Although I don’t do much of the cooking, I do get all of the cleaning and maintenance of the cooker!!

Good luck with your choice.

Ian and Linda.
Ocean Hobo SN96

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