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Hi Barry,


I was told by Anthony (the French guy who fixed in NOUMEA) that it was caused by UV rays.


My boat had been laying idle on a mooring in NEW CALEDONIA for nearly 20 months and before that buried in a dirt-pit in FIJI for close to, at least, 8 months.

So in nearly 30 to 34 months she only sailed 10 days or so from FIJI to NEW CAL and the rest of the time stationary buried in a dirt pit (FIJI) and on a mooring in NEW CAL.


Just sitting in the sun without much different angles for 28/30 months is not good – I understand this also caused or at least exacerbated the delamination of ALL the brand-new QUANTUM carbon fiber sails.


Especially the 2 “vertical” hatches in the aft Master cabin were bad and I slept several nights on a soaking wet mattress. But the fix by Anthony was surprisingly easy, quick and economical and he told me that the special “high UV resistant sealant” was perfect and there should be no problem at all; and IF it happened again to repeat the procedure. I had him check & fix all other seals on every porthole on the boat in Q 1 2018 and never a leak again and it still looks great.


But pls realize he didn’t paste over the existing seal: he completely removed with a pen knife that part of the existing LEWMAR seal and then resealed with the black UV high resistant sealant and cut away the excess sealant when dry.


Another problem I had, and posted on this forum, that most of my OEM interior screens were in bad shape. When I ordered new ones (in NEW ZEALAND) and they arrived I optimistically removed all the old OEM screens and gave them away only to find out 2 or 3 days later that the new (LEWMAR) screens didn’t fit at all. Massive, massive headache as NEW ZEALAND sent new (OCEANAIR) screens and they also didn’t fit. Talking to LEWMAR USA directly didn’t help; AMEL SAV told me the screens were OCEANAIR; OCEANAIR was sold to DOMETIC etc. etc. Talking directly to DOMETIC didn’t help so, extremely frustrated, I gave up and had 7 external mosquito covers made while massively regretting that I had given away the OEM screens as it didn’t look good inside the boat.


Then in THE BOAT WORKS YARD in COOMERA (FANTASTIC place; expensive but, boy, all marine expertise concentrated on 50 acres) in December  2019 they told me they could fix it by using the replacement screens I had left in NEW CAL.

This replacement exercise started Q1 2018 in NEW CAL and it was just solved & fixed Q1 2020 by hatch specialists in THE BOAT WORKS YARD.


BTW this was when I had my first negative “YACHT IN TRANSIT” into AUSTRALIA experience when the hatch screens were re-shipped from NEW CAL to COOMERA and you helped me to connect to Bob WALLACE 😊)


Best Regards Teun

SV AMELIT  A54  #128


In hard storage in COOMERA (near BRISBANE) QLD AUSTRALIA

April 26, 2020 14:18:07


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Thanks Bill for the videos. I will definitely replace all pins and bits if I don't get complete hatches.


Hi Tuen and Mohammad,


Your 54's are #99 and #128. I am worried that you had to replace the seals. Mine is #17 one of the first and I have never had any problems with leaking. Do you know why they leaked? I have seen a little shrinkage in my seals but filled in the gap with some black gasket seal.

Did Lewmar change the rubber quality? What will new units be like! Already I now need to check the frame finish, is is a matt or polished finish frame. Sorry Arno for getting your name misspelled. (Uno).


Wish boating was not complicated. You do though need to know and understand what traders are about to do to your boat.




Barry and Penny

"SV Lady Penelope II"

Amel 54.  #17

Sainte Anne anchorage Martinique



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When I took AMELIT over in NOUMEA NEW CALEDONIA I had massive leaks in several of the LEWMAR hatches; clearly the seals had a problem and I needed to replace all the seals which were NOT in stock in NEW CAL.


I was referred to a local (French) hatch specialist (Anthony) and he cut out all the existing LEWMAR seal from the top of the hatch (without removing the frame etc.) with a pen knife; then he resealed with an UV resistant sealant (I don’t have the name here in USA but I have it on the boat) and I never had another leak since. It took him only 2 hours to do all the hatches and it looks & functions perfectly.


Best Regards Teun

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April 26, 2020 12:59:45


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We replaced all overhead hatch seals at the Manoel yard in Malta. Takes about one hour each.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hinge pins on the Lewmar hatches 



This YouTube video may help:


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Hi Oliver,

To replace the lens you need to split the two halves of the frame of the moving part. These are basically two C-shapes that are mirrored relative to each other. The eindpoints are connected with small screws and a connection part that slides in the frame. The split is across the length axis of the boat with one split between the hinges. To take it apart you must separate the moving part from the part screwed to the deck. Getting the screws out is a pain and is better to be done in a workshop.
But first you need to get the hinge-pins out, that can be a big problem as well. On our 54 they used a trick to break the hinge-pins to free the moving part. In the workshop they removed the remains and replace the rubbers. Back on the boat they used new pins and adequate quantities of anti-seize paste (Duralac/Tefgel).
I agree with a previous contributor that it may be cheaper to buy new hatches. The problem I saw was that Amel used a high-gloss frame and all the ones I saw had a matte frame.

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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