Top loading galley fridge/freezer used as a fridge: No?

Scott SV Tengah

Hi all,

Hope you're all doing well and staying healthy. Our A54 has a swing-door fridge (we replaced the original with a larger MS160 model with hidden evaporator plate), the galley top loading fridge/freezer and then the settee fridge/freezer.  My question is related to the galley top loading fridge/freezer.

Our normal M.O. is that we use all 3 of them. The 160l stainless one is used as a fridge, the settee unit is used as a freezer and the galley top loader we use as a "fruit and vegetable" fridge set on 3 of 9. The problem we're having is that the galley top loader accumulates a decent amount of water in the bottom as it doesn't have a drain and eventually smells REALLY bad. We've used the shop vac to dry it out, cleaned it in bleach, etc. but it appears the box is NOT waterproof in the sense that after flushing it out with bleach water, over the course of the next few hours, water appears to migrate INTO the stainless insides of the box. I presume that must mean the initial flush water flowed out through the corner seams (into the insulation!?!) and then is flowing back in through the corner seams. 

Does anyone else use it as a fridge?  We've tried to adjust the lid to seal it tighter, but the seal area still gets wet and water accumulation still occurs inside the box itself. Is it simply not designed to be used as a fridge?

As an aside: We just arrived in Hawaii from Panama (4848 nautical miles, 31 days!) after first abandoning our Galapagos plans and then abandoning our French Polynesia plans as country after country closed their borders. Our A54 performed admirably and despite very light winds for the first two weeks (much use of the code 0 and the Parasailor), we arrived with 600 liters of diesel! Our little tweaks to energy usage dropped our generator usage down a lot compared to our Atlantic crossing. We ran it 45 minutes every 2-3 days despite running 2 fridges and a freezer and the water maker. Nothing broke and we had a week where we covered between 170-195 miles per day. It was passages like this that make me love our Amel even more!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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