Re: Top loading galley fridge/freezer used as a fridge: No?

Arno Luijten

Hi Scott,

We use our galley-top-fridge/freezer as fridge 100% of the time. It does accumulate water on the bottom, because of this ours has a raised bottom with holes in it to keep stuff dry. Every time you open the box, humid air will get into it and eventually end up as condensation at the bottom. We have some problems with the seals, specifically the one in the back because the lid tries to push it away (to the back) when you close it. At some point the seal will detach from the fridge-box. I replaced the double-sided sticky-tape to re-attach it and I'm now using some Vaseline on the seal so the lid can slide over the seal more easy when it's closing.
Apart from this every few weeks I remove the collected water from the bottom. As far as I can detect the box itself is waterproof so water does not leak into the insulation. I have no annoying smells from the fridge.

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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