Re: Top loading galley fridge/freezer used as a fridge: No?

Jamie Wendell

Scott, congratulations on your crossing to Hawaii. Sorry you had to cancel the world tour - maybe another chance next year?

I converted to Coastal digital controls and use the top-loader as a very cold refrigerator. I keep it just about -1 degree C all the time to keep drinks and vegetables mostly.
I get very little water inside over time, but I do get some ice buildup on the evaporator plates given my colder settings. Every few weeks I shut down and defrost and find mostly vegetable remains in the bottom.

It never smells, but as I read in a response to another email about the hydraulic strut for the lid, I had to replace the strut (through Amel in La Rochelle). It is too powerful, and I have the larger lid. I intend to replace again with the one recommended in the posting.

Safe travels or is Hawaii your POC for now?

Phantom A54 #44

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