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Ian Townsend

I talked with Roger a couple of days ago at the shop re: swageless fittings. Confirmed he has both metric and imperial sizes of Sta-Loks. 

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Hi Craig and I was just on the phone with Roger Underwood and he does indeed have the special turnbuckle but neither one of us can remember if the one for the Santorin is the same as the one for the Super Maramu which is the one he has. No worries as he has a machinist make them up locally and I recall they are about the same price as the ACMO unit. Roger is going to check on that price and get back to me.

Additionally, Nance and Underwood use metric wire and fittings, not inch stuff ,as was mentioned in the Zoom meeting recently. Since 1988 they have supplied about 100 replacement rigs to Amel boat owners. They know how to make Amel owners happy . They also know how to ‘tune them tight’ which riggers not well experienced with Amels are reluctant to do.

Roger is not my cousin, just a good friend, and all I get is the knowledge that the job will be done right, no monkey business, on schedule.

Say hello to Katherine and lets bump elbows when we are once again allowed to do so…


All The Best, Joel        



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