Re: Cable feed into Main and Mizzen masts on a A54


Now I think about it on AMELIT the SSB was connected to a special SSB antenna on the stern which broke off.  Getting a new antenna from AMEL was difficult/impossible & another AMEL owner and I decided to use the starboard MIZZEN backstay.


So the triactic was definitely not used by AMEL yard for the SSB.


That leaves the question if there is indeed on an A54 a triatic aerial connection at the foot of the MIZZEN where is it for?


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April 29, 2020 13:06:59


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You can follow AMELIT via this link:


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Not pretending to know anything about SSB, I was told the triatic stay is not very suitable for SSB transmissions due to its orientation.

Does anyone know where the antenna for the AM/FM radio lives?


Arno Luijten
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