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   It is a bit curious that this problem arose after your oil change.  I wonder if the viscosity of the oil that was used for the change was lower than the original oil in the engine before the change?  Maybe you bought the correct oil   the oil added was mislabeled or thinner than indicated?  Maybe try another oil change,  possibly with a different respected brand to eliminate that variable.

  Cooling issues could also cause lower oil pressure by thinning the oil,  does the engine seem to be warmer than normal?

   Oil pressure relief valves can stick freeze closed due to corrosion  if moisture gets into the oil pan, I have personal experience with that one.  I have never seen one stick open which could cause low oil pressure but maybe..  

    Did your engineer record normal oil pressure with the engine warm and the RPM up to the recommended level?  I would be more concerned about the higher rpm reading than the idle.  

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Hi all,
I have a Volvo D3-110i-C with low oil pressure. I’m told by the local Volvo dealer that the engine will have to be taken out in order to replace the oil pump. I’m wondering what other factor may cause low oil pressure. Any opinion on this would be most welcome.
A bit of history on the problem. I changed the oil and oil filter after 188 engine hours which was 3 years. I then started getting low pressure warning after reducing from 1100rpm to idle. I checked the oil level and topped up to the top of the mark. After a couple of days I started getting low pressure warning whilst running at 1100rpm (to heat water). This was confirmed when the engineer attached a pressure gauge.
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