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Hi Arno,


Bedankt voor de hulp. Ik zie dat je nog steeds hard bezig bent met LUNA – ze moet nu bijna perfekt zijn. Ik voel me bijna schuldig dat ik niet zoveel doe voor AMELIT 😊


Wow – 10 leaks. Clearly I must check better when back on board. As mentioned above in Dutch; you make me feel guilty that I am not caring for AMELIT as meticulously as you do with LUNA.


Best Regards Teun

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April 29, 2020 14:46:13


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Hi Teun,

About the switches. As far as I know the replacement was changing the original Lewmar switches with Harken switches. Easy to see as it says so on the switch. On our Amel this was done, all switches were Harken when I bought the boat.
In the meantime I've replaced all the deck switches with a completely new model from Lewmar once more because the Harken switches are having problems with water-ingress. The way the switches are made is they "sandwich" a rubber piece between a top ring and and the lower body. The rubber piece is actually the part you push on to activate the switch. However the top ring is not form-stable and becomes "wobbly". The three screws compress the rubber to the underlying switch-body. However the area between the screws after some time does not press on the rubber underneath because of the the ring loosing shape. It then allows water to enter the sailing locker. This was actually the 4th or 5th leak I repaired in the sail locker (out of 10 leaks... mostly because of failing sikaflex). See enclosed picture.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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