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You are amazing. I have looked at the depressed area on many of these and did not connect the dots.
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Great idea – as having to remove all the sails, ropes etc. every time from the sail locker in order to lift out the step/cover in order to secure the locking pin stopped me more than once from doing so.


Another thing to look at when back on the boat.


This COVID19 lock down here in USA is causing me a lot of unexpected problems in the form of discovering all kinds of things to do on the boat when I come back. 😊 😊


Best Regards Teun

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As you all know Amel recommends using a locking pin on the bowthruster when making passage. Although good advice not always practical as you need to open the cover in the sail locker. If that thing is full of stuff that can be quite the nuisance.

For those that have a GRP version of the cover, the following may be of use to you.

When you look at the cover there is a recess on the top side. I'm guessing Amel was planning the very thing I now did but did not do it at build time because of costs.
Basically I made an access hatch that enables you to lock/unlock the thruster without removing the cover. It's a bit tight but you can just reach the pin and put it into place or remove it.
Pictures enclosed.


Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

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