Re: OPACMARE gangway not rotating

Arno Luijten

Hi Danny,

The electro-hydraulic passerelle uses a rotational actuator very much like the one in this picture.

It uses hydraulic pressure to move the disc in the middle to go up and down. There is a sort of helix shape in the middle that causes the face at the top to twist when the disc moves. The base of the unit is bolted to the boat. This unit takes up all the weight and forces of the gangway on top of the unit.

Now imagine this at the back of the boat in a way that allows seawater to stand on the face for extended periods. Also imagine this thing made from mild steel. You can expect it will give you trouble with corrosion at the point where the stationary and the moving part meet sooner or later. What I did is put a sort of lid on top of this face sandwiched between the actuator and the actual gangway. Any water drops on the (Stainless) lid. Between the lid and the actuator I put as much lanolin grease as possible so water cannot get inbetween. Given the existing design this was the best way I could think of without major surgery on the construction.

Hope that helps,

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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