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Hi Mark,


Really appreciate your and the other members help on this.


Yes Sir – all of these are part of the 6 or 7 I approached.


Y-Yacht Niki: reason 1 and 5 on my list

The Marina Shop – still waiting but informed me I needed new rigging

Gowrie – the RI agent reason #7 and the FL agent reason #3 and #4 but she is now working on this again.


Top Sail is the ONLY one coming back with a proposal which I am currently discussing as I would like to have additional hard storage coverage as long as I am not back to the boat (might be for another 4 to 6 months). BTW a very, very fair proposal and only requiring a rigging survey which is fine with me.


Best Regards Teun

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Have you tried:


Y-Yacht (UK – EU)-

The Marina Shop (NZ) -

Top Sail (UK) - (10% discount for OCC members)

Growrie (USA) -


All of these have good reputations and will write a policy for international blue water sailors.  




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I think that insurance is a very big issue. I have now approached 6 to 7 agents/companies mentioned on our AYOG Forum and get very conflicting reasons of not willing to write insurance, like:


  1. You are USA citizen (although I pointed out several times I am NOT – I am a DUTCH citizen).
  2. But you do have a USA address (correct but I can give you legal non-USA addresses)
  3. You are NOT a USA citizen or resident (I am a LEGAL USA resident since 1986 and just had my green card renewed in February for 10 years) and this policy is specifically for USA citizens and/or residents and/or boats and/or ….
  4. You don’t have a USA address (YES I do – pls see the application)
  5. We don’t cover your navigational limits (AUSTRALIA etc.)


In talking to agents recommended via our AYOG forum I realize few of them remember/recognize the AMEL specific 6 or 7 watertight compartments so they tell me I need additional pumps on board; our overbuild rigging etc. etc.; and tell me I need to renew my rigging (just surveyed in December 2019 in COOMERA) because it is now 10 years old.


In all honesty: agency on #3 and #4 is now looking at this again after I wrote back I was a USA resident and had a USA address she replied she was going to look into this.


I know I am not the only AMEL owner having this problem – another member mentioned on the forum maybe looking at organizing our own group insurance (maybe via LLOYDS ?? they are used to write unusual policies)


Best Regards Teun

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The most common suggestion that I have received regarding the ZOOM meetings is to have expert guest speakers on subjects that are of interest to most of the members. I have contacted people I know, respect, and consider experts. I am awaiting replies from experts on:



Standing Rigging

Lithium Solutions
I also asked Antoine RIOTON from Amel to do a presentation on the Amel 50/60

Another suggestion I had was to find an "...Insurance Adjuster, whose role it is to be the interpreter of the policy, protecting only the insurance company in order to minimize liability and expenses.  This expert is the one we need to come and talk to us about insurance and how to get the best policy for the most reasonable price." I am aware of public marine insurance adjusters in Florida but have no direct knowledge of any of these.

Comments welcome.

I will keep you informed.




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