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Beware!!! The last time our trusty old Thompson Washer ever worked was the first time we ever used it whilst sailing in calm waters! We never did this before, but on sailing out of Ecuador for the first 4 hours of the long Pacific Ocean crossing to Hiva Oa, the seas were so flat and calm that we decided to give it a go. The wash cycle worked perfectly and so we started that particular 24-day ocean crossing with lovely clean washing, only to find that the machine would never work again!

I say this just as a warning of our experience only, it could simply be a nasty coincidence but I would never do it again. Also, I should also pass on the good news that we were amazed to discover that the little white goods retailer in the shopping complex directly over the road from the Papeete  Marina keeps just two or three Bosch washing machines which fit your SM perfectly with the correct cycles too, and which we found far superior to the older Thompsons in terms of both energy consumption and how well it washes your clothes. Warning though, it was VERY EXPENSIVE!!

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On Sun, May 3, 2020 at 8:42 AM michael winand via <> wrote:
We also have used the washing machine. Can be used with the engine alternator through the inverter. So if we have a hour or so of motoring and it's not too rough a load can be done. 
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We always ran the washer on ocean crossings with the generator. It was no problem, but look at the rotation of the washer tub on an SM2k...maybe that helped.
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On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 4:09 PM Mark Erdos <mcerdos@...> wrote:


This is one of those “duh” moments.


We have been aboard Cream Puff for 5+ year cruising full time. When in a marina with the incorrect cycles to run the washing machine, we have always run the genset periodically when needing to catch up on the laundry.


Now in Tahiti where voltage is like no other place on earth: 220v 60 htz, we parked in a marina and were disappoint when we discovered the wrong cycle for the washer/dryer.


Now comes the “duh” moment. Unplug the washer/dryer from its normal outlet and plug it into an outlet with power from the inverter. No need to run the generator. Also with a battery charger running (separate from the inverter/charger), there is no battery drain and no “pass through” power.


A couple of year ago, I upgraded the inverter aboard Cream Puff and it has ample wattage to run the washer/dryer. I have no idea as to why I didn’t think of earlier. If you haven’t thought of this yet either, you can buy me a beer later.

BTW – does anyone run the washer/dry while underway? We never have. I am wondering how the spin cycle works with the vessel pitching and rolling. I am interested to hear your thoughts on this.



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