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Hi Mohammad,


I didn’t like the 5000 VICTRON in the engine room as located right above the bilge pump. With the presence of all the other pumps, water maker etc. for me too high a chance of potential conflict so moved in 2018 the VICTRON to the hanging locker in the pilot berth. Has been working great since 2018.


Best Regards Teun

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Hello Wolfgang;


We have a 2500 W inverter and a 100A and 40 A charger (All Mastervolt) on Kokomo. Our Inverter died at the end of last season. Our plan is to replace the existing 2500W inverter and the 100A charger with a Victron 24/8000W/200A Quattro charger/inverter. We will use both sets of existing cables, each rated at 100A@24V to power the new Victron. This should provide about 5000 W of power input to the inverter and eliminate the need for any new wiring.


Due to temperature de-rating of the inverter and the expected temperature in the engine room (At least 40 degrees C), I believe we will only be able to realistically get a maximum of about 5500W of power output, under normal summer and tropical conditions (this is according to the Victron Quattro Specs).  This de-rating applies to all inverters. For example, the Victron Quattro 24/5000, is only capable of supplying 3700W at 40 degrees C.





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Hi Gary,

On our Amel54#162 we had a Mastervolt Charger 100 A and one with 40 A.

My plan was to Change the Mastervolt 40A Charger to a Mastervolt Ultra Combi charger /inverter -100A Charging /3500 Watt inverting. The problem and Limit were the  cable dimensions of the 40A Charger. As I die not want big work I had to use the 100A wires for the Combi and leave the 40A in place.With this way there was not much work to Change to the Combi.

So I use the 40A Charger for Voltage 110-230 and 50-60 Hz and by the same Time get my 220 V/50 Hz at all places. I think with victron you could do the same. 

Wolfgang Weber SY Elise Amel 54#162





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