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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Arno;


Thanks for the information. I am still unclear as to exactly how the cables are run and, as you suggested, we will be checking to be sure they are terminated correctly. Our goal is to eliminate the need to run new cables. At this point, I am also unclear as to how big a job it is to route new cables. Our plan is to investigate routing, once we get onboard this season.


Keep in mind that the wattage specified is in ideal conditions at 25 degrees C. Most of our engine rooms will see much higher operating temperatures in the usual cruising grounds. For example, a 3000W Victron inverter/charger will only be able to supply 2200W at 40 deg C and 1700 at 65 deg C. Also, running the inverter at a lower percentage of the max rating will result in a longer lifespan and cooler operating temperature of the unit.


The reason why the larger inverter power can now be considered, is the availability of Lithium technology that allows the kind of current needed to power an inverter of this size, without stressing the batteries. Since we plan on replacing the next set of batteries with Lithiums in 2-3 years, this upgrade makes sense for us. The ultimate goal being the ability to power all of the systems on board from the batteries (albeit not at the same time) and have enough solar power to keep the Lithium batteries charged, with the occasional need to run the generator, based on weather and power usage.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hi Mohammad,

Careful with that idea. The cables for the inverter go to the secondary side of the battery switches but the charger cables go to the primary side. If you run them in parallel without changing this setup you may end up with some strange and unwanted effects.

Myself I was thinking to replace the 2500 W (actually its only 2000 W contentiously) with a 3500 W combi model from Mastervolt (Mass Combi Pro 24/3500-100) once it dies on me. That way you can use two 100A chargers to recharge the batteries while on genset. You just need to be very careful with the configuration of the chargers. Mastervolt told me that you can run the chargers in parallel as long are you use a Mastershunt to report on the state of the batteries. The shunt sends the information to the chargers. 3500 W is enough to run any of the appliances. I still need to check the diameter of the current 24V cable to the existing inverter to see if that can be done.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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