OPACMARE gangway not rotating / after sales support

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi All,
and anyone who has an issue with Opacmare gangway.

Our 54 is from 2008 and so far only in the Mediterranean, mostly in Southern greece. So the gangway is often used, stern to.
In 2017 a hose connection for the extension cylinder burst. All other connections were also heavily corroded. Poor quality. We tried to get support through Opacmare Aftersales in Italy directly, but nobody was interested in us.
We were referred to the representative in Athens, but he was only responsible for sales. Service or repair should be organised by ourselves, but this was not possible through our local craftsmen. All hoses and hydraulic connections would have to be repaired.
I then got in touch to Maud, who then passed this on to the French Opacmare supplier (to the shipyard) and made maximum pressure. Then a technician from Athens moved by the plane (with all parts, swage, oil etc.) on our island and repaired everything in stainless steel connections in 1 day. cost 1k €. Originally we should calculate with 4-6k €. Outrageous.

But after that some screws of the fairing were still missing. I wrote again to Opacmare in Italy to order them. Again no answer. At the international bootshow in Düsseldorf I went to the Opacmare booth and complained personally.
The responsible sales manager took care of it himself and sent the screws directly to us. they were already in the after sales and got stuck there again. the AS is just incredibly bad.

Conclusion: try Maud for help and support or sales manager Mr. Almbayed (mohamad.almbayed@opacmare.it).
Hope that helps you.

Stay safe and well.

„Soleil Bleu“ /A54 #088

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