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Arno + Mohammad,


The original owner changed in 2014/2015 the water maker from OEM DESSALATOR to SPECTRA NEWPORT II. The electrical unit with the 2 pre-filters was installed on the portside behind the ONAN. He also installed a SPECTRA Z-Ion system which was also installed on the port side behind the ONAN; this Z-Ion system claims to extend the fresh water flush period to every 30 days iso every 5 days.  So really no room at all on the Port side. Also – the VICTRON 5000 is huge.


Anyhow – when I came on the boat the VICTRON 5000 was hanging on the bulk head right above the non OEM bilge pump. The highly knowledgeable AMEL coach (who joined me on board 😊) and I decided to bring all the pumps etc. back to OEM and also decided that this VICTRON had to go somewhere else. The best place was in that hanging locker as it is very, very close to the batteries set up. There is absolutely no place in AMELIT’s engine room for this. In fact, my engine room is so crowded with additional equipment that another AMEL 54 owner helping me in VANUATU became frustrated. He was able to be with 2 people at the same time in his engine room – impossible on AMELIT.


Finally, when you decide between MASTERVOLT and VICTRON:


I have a very small issue/question on my VICTRON programming which forces me, from time to time, to run the genset only for 1 or 2 minutes to get over 26 volts (actually it is 26.08V) in order to activate the inverter. I asked several marine electricians in NEW CALEDONIA and VANUATU; we tried changing the setting in the VICTRON software to no avail as the setting defaults to min. 26.0V. 2 weeks ago I sent an Email, partially in Dutch and partially in English, to VICTRON AMSTERDAM and didn’t get any reply. I called AMSTERDAM this morning and spoke to a lady and she told me that VICTRON doesn’t do any problem solving and I have to contact a dealer. Problem is that most dealers are not very interested helping as they didn’t sell you the unit. I will have this addressed when I am back on the boat in AUSTRALIA but it is disappointing that VICTRON didn’t even react to my (polite) Email and only seems to be focused on selling and not so much after sale service. Or maybe they are just  typical Dutch 😊 hahahahahaha.


Best Regards Teun

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May 4, 2020 11:39:09


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Hi Teun,

What a strange place to have this Inverter.  I vaguely remember this was the spot where Amel would put the isolation transformer if that was requested. As Mohammad said before the "normal" place for the inverter is behind the genset. This Victron inverter may have been to big for that spot though. Personally I find these huge inverters scary, the power-draw is immense and they really kick the batteries hard when running for longer time. Also the electronics are under tremendous load, not the easiest thing in a marine environment. Even the 3500 I'm considering for Luna seems high to myself.
With Lithium batteries this may be easier but I'm not at that point yet.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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