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Thanks for the very timely and helpful update on your experience with the conversion. We are currently in the beginning stages of the design and all of this information is extremely helpful.


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As many of you know, I've been running lithium for 18 months full-time now, mostly in the tropics. We have 960w solar on the arch. We considered the Quattro 8k and decided not to for a few reasons:

1) The 5k barely fit. See attached photo. The 8k is 50% heavier at 45kg.

2) I have run it for 18 months now with the vast majority of the time in tropical heat. The admiral has been known to run the boiler, microwave and toaster at the same time. That is nearly 5000 watts total, around 200amps. We have never had issues with power tapering. This is a rare load and even when you have it, it won't be for too long. Additionally, the engine room is often not that hot at anchor, given we don't run the generator often and the surrounding sea (25-28c on average in the tropics) cools the room quickly. We've even figured out how to run the scuba compressor on inverter.

3) The 5k has 30w no-load power consumption. The 8k has 60w no-load power consumption. 30w/25.6v = 28.125 additional amp hours per day for having the 8k over the 5k. Given my 960w solar arch produces about 200-250AH per day, choosing the bigger inverter means 10% of the daily solar output is "wasted" just to keep the 8k turned on. That said, I've figured out how to put in a simple switch to turn off/on the generator without having to run the Phoenix panel, which consumes power. But even then, you're still burning over 2.3 amps just keeping the 8k on.

See #50689  

In fact, I tweaked the jumper settings in the amel installed MasterVolt 800w inverter (under the chart table) to reduce no-load consumption (5w now) and try to run it whenever I need to use less than 800w.

4) The 5k requires TWO PAIRS of 50mm^2 wires for a 0-5m run. The 8k requires TWO PAIRS of 70mm^2 wires for the same run. I can't recall the exact specs for the original Amel installed wires, but we couldn't use them (we had Dolphin 100amp and 40amp chargers) as they were too small for even the 5k. We ended up using the Dolphin 100amp charger wires to connect the second charger (Victron Skylla-i 80amp) For us, we had to break out the epoxy between the passage and the engine room. It's actually not that hard - you can do all of it from the passage. Just remember to reseal it.

I admire your goal of trying to minimize genset usage. We've focused on the same as we're not-so-closet environmentalists and since installation of all the parts, have focused on reducing the "background drain". On the Atlantic crossing we ran the genset 60-90 minutes a day, with both the 120amp Quattro and the 80 amp skylla chargers running. On our recent Panama-Hawaii 4848nm unplanned passage (thanks coronavirus!) we ran it 45 minutes every 2nd day. That was all from optimizing consumption.

The little things add up.

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SV Tengah

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