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Scott SV Tengah

On our recent 31 day passage, we had plenty of time to play with the Parasailor and I believe I have figured out a way to rig it up without anything more than three blocks and a few soft shackles.

See attached photos.

There is no chafing now. I learned how to make dyneema soft shackles and made about 10 of them. They’re super easy to make and very useful to have aboard.
Here’s how we set up the bow and windward downguy
First block is attached via a soft shackle to the soft shackle that is on our Bamar EJF-1 curler. The windward downguy goes from the Parasailor tack/windward clew first to this block. This prevents the downguy from going too far forward and rubbing on the bow seat. 
Second block is connected via two soft shackles to those “horns” that are on the bow roller. Windward downguy then goes through this block. On our A54 #69, the horns are like downward facing hooks, but there is a small closed loop where I attached the 5mm soft shackles. I was worried 5mm would be a bit small but breaking strength should be 3000kg and I flew the Parasailor for, I think, 10 total days on this passage in up to 30 knots true without any issues. I believe the sail will rip before the soft shackle.
Third block is attached to the second cleat aft from the bow. The windward downguy then goes through this block and continues to the staysail track back to the secondary winch. 

The rest of the lines:

The windward sheet goes through the pole, which is set at nearly Genoa clew height (far forward) and is only tightened enough to prevent the Parasailor from swinging too far to leeward. We tried to run it without the pole but it doesn't seem to work that well - too much lateral motion.
Leeward sheet goes directly to the leeward Genoa track and then Genoa block then primary winch. 
We started out hating the sail, but now we wouldn’t want to do a double handed light wind circumnavigation without it. We have flown it nearly DDW in 10 knots true (5kts SOG, 5 kts apparent) and also flown it in 30+ knots true (9+ SOG and 20-25 apparent). It can fly from 80 apparent to DDW. This range makes the slightly cumbersome setup worth it. Additionally, the rolling is reduced DRAMATICALLY and there is almost none of the luffing/slamming you get with the wing-on-wing setup.
One additional tip is that I put a soft shackle with a metal ring (snatch block would be better) on the life rail, around the location of the forward cleat. The snuffer line runs here and then back to the mast winches. I don’t winch it down for fear of ripping the sail, but simply put a few wraps on the winch. The angle that this creates in the snuffer line makes it much easier to snuff the sail in higher winds.

Hope this helps.
2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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