Re: Top loading galley fridge/freezer used as a fridge: No?

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You will find the video on our YouTube channel, look for SV Vela Nautica. 

The water in the old isolation you saw around the pvc pipe was, what was left after 9 month of drying. So the water that once entered the old isolation more or less stays in there. 

After remouving the old isolation:

I build an outer layer with floorjet, kind of bitumen/aluminium sandwith foil compleatly humidity proof. This protects the insulation against kondensating humidity from outside. All seams are sealed with butyl tape, that stays flexible and tacky also in very low temperatures.

2. We placed the new insulation in this pocket. 

3. Last we placed the stainless basin back and sealed it to the outer floorjet hull with butyl tape. 

4. The insulation around the hole for the cooling tubes is also sealed with fat butyl tape. And because this point is a weakness and kondensation tends to build up around the cooling tubes, I placed 10cm polyurethane foam under the freezer and blew expanding foam along the tubings. Dont cut this foam. The surface is waterpoof as long as its not cut. 

5. Its worth to place a waterproof DS18b20 temperatur sensor along with the tubes, so you can install a more modern temperature controll later. 

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I can NOT find the video Scott mentions in below Email. Can you send it again or direct me where I can find it.




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Just watched your video - that insulation replacement seems like a big job! But the results seem to make it worth it?

One question for you about the big hole on the bottom for the compressor lines: did you fill that big hole in with something? Otherwise it would seem that all of the cold air would flow out of it.

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