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Not sure what software; the marine electrician in VANUATU installed it on my laptop. There is a hard wire connection in the cabinet over the sink. Anyhow in the settings you can set a minimum Voltage to activate the inverter and a shut down voltage. In my settings the “activate” voltage is 26.0V. You can lower it so we set it to 25.8V but even after saving the value automatically defaults to 26.0V.


I need the inverter at night as I use a CPAP machine; frequently in the evening my voltage is between 25.85 and 26.0. The inverter refuses to kick in and I get the red low voltage light blinking on the VICTRON panel. When I start the genset it is enough to kick the voltage over 26.0V to get the inverter working and I can immediately switch off the genset and all is OK.


What I do now is that I monitor in the afternoon the voltage and when it drops close to 26.10V I switch on the inverter although I don’t need it for several hours.


BTW although set @ 26.0V in reality the inverter will not kick on until it is minimum 26.08 or 26.1V


If I would be able to have permanently the minimum kick on voltage set to 25.8 or so then I would be fine.


BTW on the yellow highlight below: I am sure that Dutch people might not like other Dutch people; I don’t think we like people in general. I have a Tshirt with: “I like Coffee and MAYBE 3 people” 😊


Can you give me the Email address of your Dutch contact with VICTRON?


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You're using the VEConfig software to adjust the inverter low voltage cutoff? I have successfully changed that on the Inverter tab "DC input low shut-down". Then you have to "Send Settings" to the Quattro otherwise it won't save them.

If you are still having problems, I have a contact with Victron that is quite responsive. Maybe Dutch people don't like other Dutch people? ;) We've had over 30 emails back and forth. FYI he suggested 20v as the input low voltage cutoff and 21.5v as the input low restart.

Additionally, try here. This may be even better. They're almost as helpful as the AYOG :)
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