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Hi Teun and Mohammad,
Teun, I have an Australian friend who is having trouble getting insurance. Can you give me the broker that you went with, maybe the NZ broker as well. They just lost cover that they took out 2 months ago through a Caribbean crook. If anyone wants to know who the company was, please ask.

Mohammad, when the lock down is eased I am visiting Oliver who is anchored in front of me. I will be doing the same as your plan and designing the new lithium battery system. I will let you know what I find out as I progress. Things are getting better and easier every year.
Can you imagine what this lockdown is doing to people. In nearly 40 years Penny and I have never gone for a month without shopping or spending any money.


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Hi Teun;


Can you please forward your Victron Contact if you think they would be helpful in design and selection.


Happy Sailing;



Mohammad and Aty

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You're using the VEConfig software to adjust the inverter low voltage cutoff? I have successfully changed that on the Inverter tab "DC input low shut-down". Then you have to "Send Settings" to the Quattro otherwise it won't save them.

If you are still having problems, I have a contact with Victron that is quite responsive. Maybe Dutch people don't like other Dutch people? ;) We've had over 30 emails back and forth. FYI he suggested 20v as the input low voltage cutoff and 21.5v as the input low restart.

Additionally, try here. This may be even better. They're almost as helpful as the AYOG :)
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