ZOOM Meeting future meetings: #IMPORTANT #ZOOM



If you missed our first ZOOM meeting, you can view it on YouTube: 
https://youtu.be/7Mm1bbL-PaA The first meeting was a test to understand the process. We did not have an expert guest speaker but plan to have an expert guest speaker for most future meetings.


We are planning the next ZOOM meeting for Saturday, May 16th, 2020 20:00 to 21:00​ (UTC+00:00) UTC. Tilo Peters will be the ZOOM administrator and thanks Tilo for a great job in our first meeting. I expect that we will do a YouTube simulcast, but your best experience will be with ZOOM. I will confirm everything in a day or two.

Direct link to Join the 16 May 20:00 UTC ZOOM Meeting 
Meeting ID: 985 2356 8530
Join by SIP 98523568530@...

I am not 100% sure of the 16 May guest speaker, but it will be 1 of the following guest speakers:

Standing Rigging
Amel representative – Amel 50 



Lithium Batteries

We will likely have a ZOOM meeting every month. We will try to have breakout meetings by groups at the end of the regular meeting. I envision the groups being:
Older than SM
SM & 54
50 & 60

CW Bill Rouse
Amel Owners Yacht School
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+1(832) 380-4970

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