Re: Parasailor on A54

Scott SV Tengah


A few questions for you:

1) So you've not seen any chafing on the Genoa from the ATN? It seems like you're saying that the ATN may not be good for ocean crossings?
2) How does it do at 150-180 degrees?
3) Do you have any lines on the windward side? Or is the sole attachment/control the ATN? My concern would be sudden squalls that produce 30+ knots and the lifting force that the ATN/Genoa would have to endure. When it hit 30+ at night, we simply left the sail up - I would rather lose the sail than a crew member. Turns out the Parasailor did completely fine.
4) Any issues with the Parasailor rubbing on the Genoa? The first time we deployed the Parasailor, it rubbed the Genoa and, well, you can see all the little repairs we had to do on the foot area! The sail does collapse when you're flying in light winds as intended and the wind goes <5 knots apparent - so I want to be sure we don't damage the ultralight fabric again!
5) I would suggest you try the pole in rolly seas and see if it helps reduce rolling. I think the ability of the sail to move a bit allows the sail to "absorb the rolling" vs transmitting it to the boat.
Overall, I actually like a bit of movement.

That said, the setup of the pole is a pain and it would be great if I could eliminate that.

As an aside - how do you like your mizzen mounted wind generator? How is the noise in the aft cabin? Any idea how many amp hours a day it averages?

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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