Flushing the water maker with fresh water

Joerg Esdorn

My boat is sheltering in place on the hard and the water maker has been pickled since November 2019.  Dessalator instructions say that the maximum period of pickling is 6 months.  After that, they say, you need to flush with fresh water once a month.  Since I'm away from the boat, I've asked the boat yard to do the flush and it appears that only a little water is flushing through - a trickle rather than a stream.  Much less than if the water maker is operating.  I'm satisfied the yard did everything correctly in accordance with the instructions.  So I wonder whether this is normal or whether there could be a blockage of some kind?  Do I have to keep flushing until I see a solid stream coming out?  I figure it makes sense that there will be a lot less flow than if the water maker's high pressure pump is working, but how much?  How many liters does the system contain - I don't think there's been more than 5 liters flushed through.  Any help would be much appreciated.   Cheers Joerg 

Joerg Esdorn
A55 Kincsem
On the hard in Vigo, Spain

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