Re: Flushing the water maker with fresh water

Gary Silver

Hi Joerg:

The video you posted appears to be about right of flush water.  My flush system (the automatic timer one I built over a decade ago for my Dessalator 160 l/hr factory system, so as to never have to pickle my water maker again) uses the original Amel Amfa fresh water pump to do the flush and operates automatically every third day.  The timer runs the pump for 2 minutes, during which it consumes about 3 liters of water.  

Remember that you are pushing water thru (in my case) three water filters (a carbon block filter, and the two in series Amel supplied pre-filters) before it reaches the membranes so you won't see a steady stream of water coming out.
I hope this helps.

Gary S. Silver, M.D. 
s/v Liahona
Amel Super Maramu 2000
Hull # 335
Puerto Del Rey - Puerto Rico

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