Re: Parasailor on A54

Scott SV Tengah

Thanks for all the answers, Joerg. Very helpful.

Last question - what's your procedure for taking down the Parasailor. Specifically, what AWA do you use, do you use the main to blanket the Parasailor and where do you run the snuffer line? After experiencing a lot of trouble getting it down in 35 knots true, I've settled on pulling out the main (not easy in 35 knots!) leading the snuffer line to the aft part of the leeward pulpit rail and then back to the windward side main mast winch. When I release the leeward sheet, the Parasailor flies forward and by doing this with the snuffer line, the snuffer more closely matches angle of the luffing Parasailor. All is easy when it's 15 knots true or less, but when a squall hits, things get much harder!

As an aside, I just checked the MPPT a few days ago and noticed that the positive wire leading to the battery was heating up a lot. Turns out, it was yet another thing done during our nightmare experience with some marine electricians (nearly everything they touched, I had to re-do). The wire connection was loose and when I checked the MPPT, noticed that when charger output got above say 25amps, output hit a wall and dropped suddenly - probably because of the loose wire! Moreover, the plastic around the terminal was sooty and had melted a bit, probably from all the arcing and overheating.

After tightening the connection, the solar panels output more yesterday than they've ever output in the last 2 years I've had it - 265AH. Another reminder to always check during/after you pay someone to do something!

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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