Re: FRESH WATER SAFETY CUTOFF Maybe Gary Silver will respond

Arno Luijten

I've had this Square D switch with safety feature for some time now. The added safety is good but if a hose starts leaking it will do nothing to prevent pumping your fresh water tank empty unless the leak is massive and close to the pump. The main objective of the safety is to prevent the pump from running when the tank is empty.

Our pump never runs continuously when using the taps or the showers. Only for the toilets the demand exceeds the pump-supply capacity. In all other cases the pump supplies more water then requested, causing the pressure vessel to fill up. At some point the pressure exceeds the shut off pressure (even when the tap is still running) and the pumps stops for a short while until the pressure vessel has lost enough pressure to re-activate the pump. In other words in many cases the pressure drop will not be enough to activate the safety feature on the Sqare D switch.
So when, let's say the shower tape starts leaking it will happily empty out the watertank even with the Square D safety feature.

The most simple way to secure the system is obviously switching off the pump when you leave. A timer may work but with a big leak you can pump quite a lot of water out of the system in an hour so the question becomes at what duration the time should be set.


Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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