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Eric Freedman


That was a great video. Congratulations! I really enjoyed it.

Fair Winds,


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Subject: [Amel] 1986 Amel Yard Tour

Whoever posted the Amel yard tour and construction video, thanks for the
memories. I made that as a VHS tape to send to our North American clients to
give them an idea of how Amel boats are built way back in the spring of
1986! While some things have changed (did I ever really have so much hair?)
the construction of the boats today follows the same basic methods as shown
in this nearly antique video. The part with Jacques Carteau explaining the
types of fiberglass used by Amel was heartwarming. Mr. Carteau was still
learning English and was very uncomfortable with it at that point.
Nevertheless, when I asked him to do this piece, he agreed and soldiered
through it without notes or a teleprompter. I enjoyed a nice relationship
with him over the years and can report here that he is happy , healthy and
enjoying his retirement. Several of today's Amel team members acted as
"cameramen" for this video, including our current chairman, Jean Jacques
Lemonnier. Howard and Mary Chamberlain who you meet in the last minutes are
still Amel owners today and continue to flatter me by sending me clients.
Wow, I've been doing Amel boats for over half my life. Click on
http://blip. <> tv/file/1746815

All the best,
Joel F. Potter

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