Re: Lubricant Oil for the z drive

Ulrich Michael Dangelmeyer

Hi, Paolo and Bill,

that's very interesting:
last year before my oil change in the Z-drive I asked AMEL SAV , Thierry, for the exact amount and specification. Next to the oil reservoir in the engine room at the bulkhead, there is a sign on my 54 with the strict indication of 20W- 4o oil. Thierry confirmed this as a directly recommended oil type. This specification is not very popular and one could also switch to 15W-40.
The total quantity is 8 litres.
So I ordered the 20W-40 oil (semi-synthetic and especially for marine use) from a German oil company in the web 
and did the oil change with it.
Bill, obviously you have some other service information, or does it only concern the SM Z-Drives? That would be important for me to know too.

Thanks for clarification.
Best regards and stay healthy.

Ulrich Michael
"Soleil Bleu" /54#088

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