Re: Mizzen furler gearbox, A54 peculiarity?

Mohammad Shirloo

Hi Thomas;


We had the same stiffening within a year of purchasing Kokomo. It got progressively worse to a point that we felt we may be damaging the gears by placing the amount of force required to furl and unfurl. I removed the gear box and found, as you did, a lot of water inside the box. We were in a situation that we did not have enough time to try and figure out how to get into the gear box and find a permanent solution. We drained it, let it dry out in the sun for a day and sprayed a good amount CorrosionX inside a temporary measure. That was four years ago and the furler has been super smooth since.


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Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

AMEL 54 #099


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Hi all,


In the great document by Gary Silver about the overhaul of the SM Mizzen furler gearbox (thanks Arno for sending us a low bandwidth friendly version), it is mentioned that the bottom part of the gearbox housing is drilled with 2 holes that are used to both unscrew that part (with great efforts) and drain the gearbox of liquids. 


As our gearbox got stiffer recently, I removed it and it appears that those 2 holes are not through openings.. thus not acting as drains. And the gearbox was full of rainwater up to the attachment bolts. Arno tells me he saw the same. 

So the teflon bushing got very dirty and stiff with all sorts of deposits. 


Does anybody know why the drains are no longer machined through? Is it an A54 “innovation”? 

It doesn’t really make sense and I’m thinking of drilling those holes all the way through to reinstate the drain. Any word of advice against that idea?


Thanks for your input








Tahuata, French Polynesia 



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