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Hi Ryan and Kelly. All early Amel Super Maramu boats had stainless steel mufflers and the one in the picture of your boat is indeed original equipment. The change to Vetus plastic occurred when the Yanmar was made standard equipment.


The change was made to Vetus primarily to get a reduction in engine room noise. The plastic Vetus mufflers “pant/expand and contract” as each cycle of raw cooling water is injected into and blown out of the muffler which makes the woosh-woosh sound that is heard at the exhaust exit on the hull side, The vetus mufflers were wedged in with a layer of plastic foam on each side and tied into position, This allowed them to wiggle around with no hard contact areas that muffler could make music with. The other advantage of the Vetus is they are non-corrosive and last almost forever. The major disadvantage is that the Vetus will melt rather quickly if it does not get the raw water cooling supply as it comes out of the diesel’s cooling system.


I had a client down here who wanted to replace the stainless one with a exact copy as Amel didn’t have spares. The fabricator cut the bottom off and was able to see the details he needed.  $ 700 in 2001 and the guy who did it has retired .


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Hi all,


Our stainless muffler has started to rust out, and I'd like to replace it while I'm also replacing the turbo and mixing elbow.  I'd rather not go with the plastic Vetus that seems to be the go-to; I really like the step.  I'm considering having a new one fabricated.  To that end, does anyone have technical drawings of the internal structure of this muffler?




Ryan and Kelly

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