Bulkhead Thickness & Screw length

Richie Whyte

Hi Folks,

I’m a recent SM purchaser and as part of my boat registration procedure I need to attach a stainless steel plate (10cm x15cm) etched with the registration details to the bulkhead under the mast. On a Super Maramu - sight unseen I’m figuring the best location for ease of access and minimal visual impact is above the door from the front cabin to the saloon - on the front cabin side. 


I can't access the boat at the moment to take measurements as she is in Greece and I'm in Ireland (coronavirus..no flights) but I have a local who is willing to attach the plate for me if I send him all the parts & fixings.


I have a simple question but I would really appreciate an answer. 


What length stainless steel wood screws should I use to attach the 1mm thick plate securely without causing damage from bulging/poking through the bulkhead?


Kind regards






Richie Whyte

Why Knot


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