Re: Bulkhead Thickness & Screw length

Brent Cameron

Hello Richie. Congratulations on your new Super Maramu (Why Knot, formerly Guma) and welcome to the Amel Owner’s group!  There is an Amel Owner’s Registry used by owners to contact each other. It is only found from within the Amel Owner’s Forum and we don’t post links to it outside of that - it is really only used so that owners can contact each other and owners can decide how much information (or if at all) they would like published in it. For your convenience, I have attached the link to the Registry ( and the update form (   If you would like your new boat on this list, use the later link and I will add it according to your preferences. Thanks and welcome to the Registry!


Brent Cameron

Future Amel Owner & Amel Owner Registry Moderator

Oro-Medonte, Ontario, Canada

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