Re: Bulkhead Thickness & Screw length

Trevor Lusty

Hi Richie,
               Fair winds with your new boat. I registered my SM in Drogheda, they happily accepted the plate screwed onto the wooden frame beneath the floor locker.
Be aware that Irish registration of a foreign flagged vessel lying overseas is a very complex process and difficult to achieve ,as the department of the marine require a survey from someone nominated on their list, most of whom will have no interest in travelling anywhere as there isn't enough money in it for them.
You can get her registered in Ireland if one of the official  ports of entry will accept her on their list providing you give them proof that she actually exists, is VAT paid and you own the majority of the 64 shares.
It took me nine months back in 2007 and lots of patience and time.
If I can help you at all ping me  @ gmail.
Good luck.
Trevor Lusty
Former owner
Seafever of Cuan

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