Re: Bulkhead Thickness & Screw length

Richie Whyte

Hi All
Thank you for your welcome. I will take a look at the registry. Thanks for that.
I think I will check again with the registrar and see if they are open to the location suggested by Trevor as it seems to have got past the authorities in Ireland once already.
Thank for for saving me from the error of my assumption. A picture does save a thousand words. I have only been on the boat once and clearly hadn't paid enough attention to that area.
You better believe its complex...I am nearly a year at it at this stage. I have been told by the registrar if i get the plate and the new decals in place and photographed they will accept the photos as proof of carving & marking and issue the registration certificate. Your suggested location sounds good to me - entirely out of the way. I will take up you offer and email you directly if you dont mind.

Thank you all for your generous replies.

Why Knot

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