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Sorry I cannot help with a dealer in France but I do have a little bit of insight for your project.


About 4 years ago we replaced all the carpeting in Cream Puff for under US$500.00. We were fortunate to find a marine carpet dealer near the boat and made a side trip one day to visit their store. We took samples from them and opted for a grayish/brown berber marine quality carpet.


The marine quality is very similar to outdoor carpet as it has a backing. The soft rubber backing is perfect for a boat. It is sticky enough to stay in place and not slide. It is not too sticky that you cannot remove it to access panels in the floor. Our carpet was made by Shaw and had a NuWave back.


We ordered a 10’ long piece of 12’ wide carpet. This was ample to replace all the carpet and make some door mats.


This is where we purchased ours:



PORT OF CALL by Shaw - Berber Carpet w/ NuWave Backing - 12' Wide x Various Lengths



Lengths and Pricing

12' x 10'







Our price included delivery to the dock.


Check hardware store new you for outdoor carpeting. If you buy from a “marine” supplier, it’ll cost a lot more. You can buy a small piece at first and see how it works. It will need to have a non-slip backing so you can walk on it when underway without it sliding.


For the binding rather than send it out to a place with a machine, we found adhesive carpet binding and did it ourselves. We used the old carpet for templates, cut the new carpet with a pair of large workshop scissors and then cut and applied the binding. The entire project took a day to complete.


To do all the carpets you will need 100’ of binding. Here is the binding we used:






Instabind Regular Binding, Per Linear Ft


100 x Grey 39422






Shipping & Handling


Grand Total



Here is a link to the store where we purchased it:

The link above has a video about how to install the adhesive binding. It is pretty easy to do. It takes two people (for the glue gun bit)


Our new carpet has held up really well and we can remover carpet when needed to wash it gently with our power washer. I have attach a couple of pictures.


Hope this helps and good luck with your project.




With best regards,





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We are looking at replacing our carpets (al cleaning efforts did not pay out) and would like to know if anybody has any good tips on this. Preferably a supplier in Northern France, as our boat is currently located in Roscoff, Britany.



Alexander Schenk

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