Need everyone's help


Please read this, but it is not necessary to respond.

We have a small problem that can be a big problem if you happen to be cruising the world and have limited bandwidth. 

Some of our members are cruising the world with limited bandwidth and choose the "digest version" to receive all postings. The digest version allows them to browse the SUBJECT/TOPIC of postings, then download that posting of interest.

We all are guilty (me too) of not respecting the SUBJECT/TOPIC and posting a question or answer that has nothing to do with the actual SUBJECT/TOPIC. The Moderators and I have the tools to SPLIT the SUBJECT/TOPIC, but we are not paying attention (me included).

I am asking everyone to please help those that are at distant places in the world with low bandwidths...a place that I wish I was NOW! Please respect the SUBJECT/TOPIC. if you read a posting and it reminds you to ask about something different, simply compose a new email from your registered email address To: with the appropriate SUBJECT/ is that easy. And, Moderators, help me with this one.

CW Bill Rouse
Amel Owners Yacht School
720 Winnie St
Galveston Island, TX 77550

+1(832) 380-4970

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