Mainsail manual furler lubricant


Hi all,
I hope everyone is staying healthy and enjoying where ever you are locked down.

Iris and I were headed to Panama when everything shut down. After 2 weeks in Antigua and no end in sight, we sailed back to St Michaels, MD. We had to heave-to 3 times to wait for fronts to pass with 30+ kt N winds before we could get across the Gulf Stream. 17-day passage, counting hove-to time.

We are home again and I am working on some previously neglected items.  I've removed the manual furler from the main sail foil to find the foil's circumference about 30% eroded by the bolt.  Thanks for the heads-up on that issue.
The gearbox was a little stiff, so I've disassembled it for cleaning and replacing the seals.  Pat (Shenanigans) did a nice write-up which Bill R has reproduced in his book. Thanks!

After 20 years, the gearbox was in great shape with no water intrusion, and no leakage of lubricant out of the gearbox. It was full of a lubricant that is much thinner than grease, but thicket than motor oil.  Does anyone know what lubricant was used?

Thanks for any insight.
Kent and Iris
SM 243

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