Re: European SM 240V looking to plug in 240V US Marina

Ryan Meador

On our boat, we did mostly as Eric says, but connected blue to red and brown to black.  Since both of these wires are hot (120V with respect to ground, 240V with respect to each other), I don't think it matters which way you connect these two while on USA power.  If the boat or appliances aren't able to handle it, it will be dangerous either way.  Luckily, a stock Amel can handle it.

Being a USA-based boat, we have the USA 50A male connector on the end of our power cord.  When we were cruising in areas with European power, I built an adapter with a USA 50A female on one end and a European 32A male on the other (you have to plan ahead for this; I don't think any store on earth sells both connectors, not even in St Martin).  That way I can just plug it in and not have to rewire the connector every time we go to a different island.  You may want to consider something similar, except reversing the genders to preserve your European plug on the shore power cord.

We also had our shore power cord upgraded to handle 32A while we were in Le Marin.  The stock power cord is rated for 16A, I believe, despite the main breaker being rated for 32A (you can get the full 32A from the generator, but not from shore).  When you're adding the breaker in the aft locker (highly recommended), you want to size it for the rating of your cord, not the main breaker.  Even better would be adding the breaker inline in the adapter so it protects the entire length of the cord, but that seems harder to implement.

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On Thu, May 14, 2020 at 9:01 PM Craig & Katherine Briggs SN 68 Sangaris Tropic Isle Harbor, FL via <> wrote:
and, of course, do note that you will be getting US 60 Hz, not European 50 Hz.

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