Zink Anode for SPURS Line Cutter

WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Dear Amelias 

When I acquired WASABI there was no Zink on the SPURS robe cutter. But I found in the spare box from former owner replacement anodes. The AutoProp does have the Plastic Cap and I trust the Bonding to protect the Propeller. 
On my former Boat I had the same line cutter and I had to replace the Zink regularly. 

I suppose that the AMEL-Bonding will protect Line cutter without Zink-Anodes as well as the prop, and I don’t need to install. What is the Forums experience and opinion about my question? I am correct?


Best regards
Ruedi Waldispuehl
WASABI A54#55 
Marina di Ragusa, Sicily

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