Re: SM Turnbuckle

Gary Silver

Hi John:

5 years ago I replaced the standing rigging on my SM Hull #335 using an ACMO supplied "kit".  ACMO was a pleasure to work with, shipped promptly, packaged and handled the supplied materials well, and the rigging fit perfectly.  However, the quality of this kit did not match the original ACMO rigging that was on the boat when we purchased her new in 2001.  That original Chrome was pristine and shinny nearly to the end of it's 15 years before we replaced the standing rigging.  Also, I never had any rust on the SS wire of the shrouds and stays until that 2015 replacement.  

When the ACMO replacement kit came, we noticed that some of the chrome seemed "thin" and there was scoring on some of the swages from either a dirty or damaged swaging tool used by ACMO.  The replacement was completed as we didn't have much choice in our schedule and the riggers assured me these were only cosmetic issues, not structural.  The wire cable has been rusting ever since, this despite my extra efforts to hose down the cable up to half the mast height.  There isn't any pitting that I can see using 10 X magnification (aviation standard) of the cable, just a continual patina of rust that runs down and stains things if not kept up with.  The chrome plating on the turnbuckles has mostly failed in that the turnbuckles appear dull and appear similar or worse than your picture.  

I know enough about metallurgy to know that it is partially science and a lot of "art".  I can only surmise that ACMO's supplier's metallurgy is suspect.  There is no excuse for the scoring on the swages, that is just poor workmanship and or poor quality control.   I have been tempted to call-out ACMO on these issues but have convinced myself that doing so would be fruitless and that "it is only cosmetic and not structural".  When it comes time to re-rig however, I will seriously consider going with a different vendor although there are pitfalls of doing so.  Perhaps I should have been more pro-active with ACMO when I last re-rigged.  I dislike those (like me in this case) that complain and don't do anything about it.  If I were to re-rig with ACMO I would include a contractural stipulation that receipt of the materials and final payment would be based upon inspection for quality. 

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335
Puerto Rico

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