Re: Onan ballbearing check and valves values

Gary Silver

Hi Oliver:

I have been concerned about the generator rotor ball bearings for the last 15 years.  As I recall the manual indicates this should be replace every 5?? of years or ?? hours of run time.  In 2006 I purchased the parts and engaged a "Onan Certified" technician in St. Thomas to do that change.  He took the end cover off the generator, looked at the bearing, became completely intimidated with the task and decline to do it, even though I had the new parts available.  I have since had discussion with the technicians at Cummings Diesel (Salt Lake City), the local Onan dealer and where I source my Onan parts.  They don't have any direct experience but did produce for me several pages from their service manual for this model that very vaguely discuss it.  Those instructions don't give a detailed process and seem to imply that the procedure is so rudimentary that one shouldn't need to have to inquire how it is done.  I have tried to puzzle out the process from these resources but have concluded that it would be impractical for me to tackle the job while the unit is "below decks".  As I understand it, the rotor is supported, by a means not specified, while the generator end housing is removed, the bearing extracted from its counter-bore, and a new bearing is pressed into place.   Perhaps there is some sort of tool/support for doing that.  I am guessing the rotor with its windings is very heavy.  I wonder if Bill Rouse might have any sway to get a procedure for this from Onan.

Gary Silver 
s/v Liahona
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